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ePact originally came into contact with Trend Micro through their Deep Security Agentless protection. In them, we saw the first supplier that offered a stable security solution in the virtual world, where the antivirus/anti-malware and IDS/IPS protection via the hypervisor was not yet sufficiently worked out. Our initial focus was on security solutions for the virtual world, but that has gradually become broader. That happened simply because security can only be guaranteed if all facets in a network are tackled. Trend Micro security products offer an answer to these concerns.

Trend Micro has a very modular product range. That means that you can start in a limited way, but because the individual products exchange and integrate information, you can work in phases, and subsequently work out a complete security policy. In terms of security, Trend Micro is now one of the most important players, and this is also acknowledged by a company such as Gartner.

ePact has now grown into Trend Micro Gold Partner, and our good collaboration is reflected in our practical experience and growing specific expertise.


Trend Micro Services


Deep Security is an advanced server protection system for physical servers, virtual servers or servers in the cloud. The system protects the critical applications of your business against viruses, rootkits, malware for stealing data etc., while using a lightweight security engine that limits the impact of these security scans to a minimum. Moreover, the ‘Virtual Patching’ component allows you to close security holes without the supplier in question having issued a patch. That applies to both applications and OS patches. In this way, companies can postpone patches and/or execute them in combination, thus limiting the number of interruptions. Sometimes vendor support is no longer available for older OS systems (or only at a high price), but Trend Micro can continue to offer protection through its virtual patching.


Targeted attacks and advanced threats demand a new way of working. Deep Discovery Email Inspector has patented technologies that assist existing email solutions in detecting malicious code, so that emails that pose a threat can be blocked or isolated in good time. Deep Discovery Email Inspector works together with an email gateway, thus adding an extra layer of protection. Besides screening and obstructing problematic emails, which are often characterised by attachments or URLs, this knowledge can also be shared with the client’s OS server protection (e.g. with a Deep Security Scan or an Office Scan).

Other functions are Email Attachment Analysis, Document Exploit Detection, Custom Sandboxing and Embedded URL analysis.


Deep Discovery Analyzer offers broader and more scaleable sandbox technology than e.g. the Email Inspector. Although the technology of both applications is equivalent, the Analyzer ensures broader support of all Trend Micro technologies and moreover it has powerful hardware processing so that several customised sandbox analyses can be executed. In this way, targeted attacks and advanced threats in the entire network are excluded.

Other functions are scaleable Sandboxing services, Custom Sandboxing, Broad File analysis range, Detailed Reporting, Custom Defence Integration and Trend Micro Integration.


Deep Discovery Inspector is the perfect ‘advanced threat protection’ application. This application gives you an insight into the entire network by mapping both legitimate and less legitimate traffic. Installing the application in a strategic place in the network enables all traffic to be analysed using knowledge from more than a hundred network protocols, including enabling the discovery of their real intention. The specialised detection engines and custom sandboxing techniques enable you to detect the most advanced attacks or activities and to stop them rapidly.

Other functions are detecting Malware, Command & Control, hackers, Custom Sandboxing, Smart Protection Network Intelligence, and integrating into any environment whatsoever irrespective of which other third party products you have.


Endpoints play a crucial role in guaranteeing complete security, so it is essential to protect them with the most advanced techniques. Trend Micro succeeds in making the difference here thanks to the patented XGen security engine. Its strength lies primarily in the learning techniques of XGen and the option of exchanging information about the threat. The exchange is done through the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, but also with the on-premises Deep Discovery Appliances or Deep Security protocols in your network, if present.

OfficeScan also has additional modules that can vouch for: Data Loss Prevention, Endpoint Encryption, Vulnerability Protection and Endpoint Application Control.