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In 2006, ePact found the ideal hypervisor solution at VMware, which allows several operating systems to run simultaneously on one single server. Since then, VMware’s portfolio has grown steadily, and in the meantime, VMware is by no means the software company anymore that only offers a good hypervisor solution; after all, it is actively seeking the most interesting products in the range and participating in diversification.

VMware is now synonymous with a turnkey solution for expanding a software-defined data centre (SDDC). VMware embraces the public cloud players (AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud etc.), but clearly puts a hybrid vision first. This vision is expressed in the conviction that – depending on the type of business and the applicable rules – you have a free choice when installing resources. So VMware stands for the completely transparent movement of your workload between the cloud and the on-premises infrastructure, all without interruptions.

VMware’s hybrid cloud vision matches that of ePact perfectly. For a decade now, the close collaboration of ePact and VMware translates into the highest partnership status: the Premier Partnership. We see the knowledge that we have built up over the years being rewarded in hundreds of satisfied clients. Together we follow up new developments, and take important strides. In short: the story of ePact and VMware is still at an early stage.


VMware Services


The vSphere Hypervisor forms the basis of a modern infrastructure. The vSphere Suite helps you with installations and provides assistance with more advanced services, such as analysis, health checks, troubleshooting, design and architecture work.


vRealize Operations (vROPs) is an extensive suite that supports you with the monitoring, alerting, reporting and the capacity planning of your environment, and that of the classic vSphere environment, up to the entire hybrid cloud environment.


vRealize Automation (vRA) is a comprehensive suite that assists you with expanding an automated workflow. This function is supplemented with reporting and invoicing modules, which enable you to deal with on-premises and cloud resources in a cost efficient manner.


With Horizon View, you build contemporary digital workstations, so that the users can do their work optimally, without the restrictions involved with a permanent location. Moreover, this virtual desktop host platform guarantees a secure working environment, and monitors overall manageability.


AirWatch is an Enterprise Mobility Manager (EMM) platform. It allows you to streamline devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets and to enforce certain corporate rules within your company. The system succeeds in this by automatically implementing rules, and makes applications available in a controlled way. ePact believes in the potential of AirWatch and fits perfectly in among other things a Horizon View project.


VMware are hyper-converged solutions that enable clients to provide the hypervisors with local disks, a combination of slow and fast disks. Thanks to the vSAN software, VMware can present them to the vSphere hypervisor as a shared storage solution. vSAN has a simple design and offers a ‘software-only’ strategy, so that you are not bound to specific hardware models. You have the choice of vSAN certified nodes from a specific hardware supplier, or a customised solution with a very extensive HCL. That also makes it possible to recuperate existing hardware. The choice between hyper-converged or converged depends on the predicted growth. If the growth of computer and storage resources is in line with each other, then vSAN is certainly the best option. For instance, VDI workload is a perfect candidate for implementing vSAN technology.


Visionary clients that have already tackled both computing and storage in their virtualization process, need to take one more hurdle: network virtualization. ePact considers this to be the final stage of our Virtualization 2.0 vision. Thanks to NSX, the network virtualization solution from VMware, we are able to arrange our clients’ security in a completely new way, namely by defining micro-segmentation and security rules on logical elements, such as at the VM or application level.

NSX also delivers full network transparency, thanks to the overlay network techniques, so that you can connect any network whatsoever. NSX also provides transparent access to public resources and offers assistance with company acquisitions with overlapping IP networks.