Philip bouwt samen met Christof aan de verdere groei van ePactAs managing partner, Philip helps Christof with the further growth of ePact

5 years ago Philip decided that it was time for the next step in his career. In doing so, he switched careers from Account Manager at Uptime Group to Managing Partner at ePact. At that time, he felt that the market was changing and digitalization was gaining popularity within companies. He took this opportunity with both hands and has been building the further growth of ePact ever since.

Some facts about Philip

  • 35 years old
  • Bachelor office management
  • Managing Partner at ePact for years
  • Philip is very enthusiastic, driven and result-oriented. He is good at keeping an overview and is good at focusing on the ‘bigger picture’. In addition, he is easy going and empathic, which allows him to easily put himself in other people’s shoes. Outside of work Philip is a sport enthusiast who regularly goes running and can be found at the gym.
  • Professional goals: His goal is to be the best at everything that ePact does. In addition, he wants to be a reliable, committed sparring partner for all ePact’s clients. A partner who puts clients’ problems first and really wants to help them find the best possible solution(s). . In doing so, he wants to continue to challenge and further develop himself and the team, also beyond the current fields of expertise.
  • Personal goals: At the moment he doesn’t really have any big dreams and ha can find in the small things. For example, he hopes that the current Covid-19 situation will be in the past soon and that things will go back to the way they were before. For example: organizing and/or attending events, going out for dinner, being able to hang out with friends and colleagues,…

First things first, how did you became Managing Partner at ePact?

A couple of years ago, I started at Uptime Group as an intern. My internship focused on Sales & Administrative tasks, more specifically on cold calling. I had to try to make as many appointments as possible with new clients. I have always been very social and therefore this internship seemed very interesting and challenging for me at the time. Besides being social, I am also very results-oriented. I always throw myself for the full 200%if the goal matches my visions. I find it difficult to do nothing and am always looking for new challenges. Targets have the same effect on me as a red flag on a bull, I must and will achieve them. 😉 😉

After my internship, I had the opportunity to start at Uptime Group as an Account Manager where my main task was expanding the client base. I did that for about 6 years and then I felt it was time for the next step in my career: joining Managing Partner at ePact. Whereas as an Account Manager I had to sell things at group level and always remain objective and independent, I saw huge potential for myself at ePact to take the lead with Christof and further develop the business.

Why did you decide to become a managing partner at ePact?

My biggest motivation was that I could make my own decisions and take the lead to help the business grow. The role of Managing Partner felt like the logical ‘next step in my career’. I grabbed this opportunity with both hands and decided to commit myself 200% to help Christof grow ePact.

When I started at ePact (2016), it was still some kind of a start-up. The team was small and the services and technologies offered were still at an early stage. At that time, I felt that the market was evolvingand digitalizationwas gaining popularity within companies. At the same time, I also saw that partners such as VMware were getting ready to take steps to follow the market.

We decided to follow this evolution and started toinvest in our team, our knowledge, clients and partnerships. The key element in our story, both for Christof and me, was always trust. In my opinion, all parties must be able to trust each other in order to be able to take steps and move forward.

I feel like we’ve been riding upward with the rollercoaster for the past 5 years, but we’ve really taken off now. For now I don’t see an end in sight. I think we’ll just keep going in the way we’re going now. IT is evolving so fast and the market is in constant evolution that we are constantly moving forward, picking up new things and bringing them to market. All this with the goal of supporting our customers as best we can throughout their digital transformation process.

What are your day-to-day tasks?

Where Christof and Nico mainly focus on operational management, I mainly focus on Business Development and Client & Vendor Relation Management. It is important that I continuously monitor the relationships with vendors, clients and the cooperation with our Account Managers. Finally, I also work closely with Melissa for our Marketing strategy and we determine how we can use this to generate new business.

What do you want to accomplish in the short term?

In the short term, I mainly want to bring the ‘fun’ back. I want to organize informal events to strengthen the bonds between our employees. For example, we are currently looking to organize something for our 15th anniversary. We all work hard, so there really is a need for fun and informal team events. Before Covid we used to do events and trips on a regular basis, so I hope we can pick this up again soon.

What do you want to accomplish in the long term?

Above all, I want to keep doing what we’re doing now. I hope to welcome new colleagues to our team who are just as driven and motivated to help our clients with their business questions and to advise them with the best possible technology solutions. In order to stay up to date and relevant, we closely follow market and technological developments.We will certainly follow these trends, form new partnerships and start offering new technologies if it seems useful to us and in line with our vision.

Finally, we want to evolve more and more towards ‘managed services’. We will combine and tie together parts of our offering in order to create the simplest and clearest offering possible. Simplicity, going more managed and supporting our customers in the best possible way, must be at the top of our list to determine further strategic choices to grow our business.

How do you want the team to look at you as a Managing Partner?

For me it’s very important that our team members don’t perceive me as ‘a boss’. I don’t want a hierarchy with a distance between the ‘management’ and the team. Also not between each other for that matter. I want to strive for an open working environment where everything can be discussed and where everyone feels good. Here again, it is important to me to link work to fun and to get to know each other in an informal context.

How do you want to differentiate ePact towards clients?

Above all, I think clients need to feel that someone is involved with their problem and is willing to listen to them. Today we notice that this certainly is a differentiating element in our service. We don’t just position ourselves as a ‘license or hardware seller’, but as a reliable and committed sparring partner. Supporting clients, taking their entire problem into account and closely working together for the best possible solution(s). We don’t consider the job done until the project is fully completed.

Which event did you enjoy the most so far?

That’s a tough one. The ski trip three years ago was a real success. Not everyone on the team joined us on this trip, but there was definitely a good vibe in the group. Secondly, VMware’s EBC, executive briefing center in London, was also a very nice experience. For three days there was a healthy balance between business, contact with the VMware evangelists and fun. Activities that create a good team spirit always score well with me!

Finally, what would you like to say to a candidate who wants to work at ePact?

Christof and I aim for an open business environment where everyone can be themselves. We invest in professional and personal development where everyone can grow at his or her own pace. Of course we have a certain direction in mind with ePact, but everyone is free to bring in things that they want to discover or develop further. Finally, we aim for a good balance between fun and business. Whether we succeed in this, you’ll have to ask the other colleagues! 😉

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Focused on achieving results, maintaining good client and partner relationships and creating a healthy balance between business and fun for the team.