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Cato Networks is a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) provider that offers a cloud-based platform for secure and optimized network connectivity. The company’s solution replaces traditional hardware-based networking appliances with a unified and agile network architecture that leverages the power of the cloud.

Secure and optimized network connectivity


Cloud-first strategies are impacting company networks everywhere. Resources are moved to the cloud and in doing so the bandwidth and reliability of the connectivity to the cloud becomes more important every day. In turn, it also becomes increasingly difficult to secure workers since today they can be located anywhere. Companies are asking how they can assure the security of their network, the experience of their users while at the same time being able to scale globally.

One approach that becomes less relevant every day is by using on-premise firewalls. Due to their limited resources and their ever-diminishing impact on the users and applications. Also, on-premise firewalls need to be managed and maintained through complex management portals and lots of automation that could be done is not present in the solutions of classic vendors.

One way it does work is by bringing the network itself into a cloud first architecture. Bringing only the management of the network is one thing, migrating to a cloud first network architecture is something entirely different.

Secure Access Service Edge

SASE architecture

The SASE approach defines a whole new level of managing and designing networks. First, not only the management is placed into the cloud, making managing your network from anywhere in the world safe and simple. Second, the logic and processing of the solution is placed in the cloud, making your network scalable rather than limited by resources and pre-sized devices that quickly run out room for growth. Third, the solution comes as a managed service, which essentially ensures that you need not worry about most critical elements of the solution. Fourth, as the solution evolves, more and more features that you’ll find in a network will be replaced by the SASE solution, which eventually provides replacement functionality that is sufficient for most use cases.

Today, most networks are built from “point-solutions”. Each solution handles a different problem, you have a DHCP server, a firewall, routers from your ISP, an SD-WAN solution, a load balancer, a VPN appliance and so forth. The SASE approach converges these typical “point-solutions” into a single platform, providing a replacement for them and in turn a whole set of tools to manage and build your network from a central management console.

The SASE approach is so disruptive, that from this point on, for a lot of networks, it doesn’t even make sense anymore to look at the legacy approach. 

Cato Networks aims to simplify network management and improve performance by consolidating multiple networking and security functions into a single, integrated platform. Their SD-WAN solution enables organizations to connect their branch offices, data centers, and remote users to the cloud and other network resources in a secure and scalable manner.

Why ePact

ePact and CATO NETWORKS Partnership

ePact provides a complete set of solutions to build your company network. Using the SASE approach, we tackle most of the scalability, security and operational issues a modern-day network suffers. However, most networks still require an access layer such as wired or wireless networks. In order to have a comprehensive approach, we provide the access layer using Aruba Networks. Combining the offering of Cato Networks with the offering of Aruba Networks, we provide an endlessly scalable network architecture that we can deploy anywhere in the world in no-time, based on automation and cloud management.

ePact offers a wide scale of services concerning your network. From simple advice to a full set of managed services including monitoring and proactive management of your network. We strive to manage each network as if it were our own and in doing so we continuously engage in using the best of breed tools. We strive to keep operations as simple and efficient as possible and in doing so, we provide you with the SASE architecture that allows us to.

Key benefits

Cato Networks

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secure Connectivity

By leveraging its global network of Points of Presence and connecting to these PoPs, you can establish secure and encrypted connections between locations and cloud resources.

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Traffic optimization

Network traffic is being optimized by dynamically routing it through the most efficient path. This is done by leveraging multiple transport options and continuously monitoring network conditions.

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Integrated security

By consolidating functions such as firewall, secure web gateway, and intrusion prevention, you can simplify your security infrastructure from a single platform.

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Agile Network infra

The cloud-based management console allows you to easily expand your network capabilities by adding new locations or scaling bandwidth without the need for complex hardware deployments.

During this demo (1 hour), we will introduce you to the intuitive cloud-native platform of Cato Networks.

You will have the opportunity to explore the key features such as SD-WAN functionality, advanced security features, cloud connectivity, reporting capabilities, and various usage scenarios of the Cato Cloud platform.

This demo is designed to provide you with a deep understanding of how Cato Networks can contribute to improving the network performance and security of your company. It also enables you to ask questions and gain hands-on experience with the technology.

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