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Managed vCloud IaaS

Using our ePact vCloud, an advanced ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ platform mainly comprising VMware technologies, we take care of the security and reliability of all IaaS services. 

Private Cloud

Managed vCloud IaaS

Our ePact vCloud is an advanced ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ platform, mainly comprising VMware technologies, which ensures the security and reliability of all IaaS services. The virtual servers are available 24/7 and are hosted on redundant hardware in the InterXion data centre in Zaventem. 

The environment is constructed in such a way that the management cluster is screened from the tenant’s resources cluster. Depending on the size of the required resources and in accordance with the previously concluded agreement, we can supply the client with either their own dedicated hardware set-up or a shared environment.

The vCloud Director enables clients to add, delete or modify VMs themselves. This provides the IT environment with flexibility and enables you to switch rapidly to meet your business needs. 

In the event of questions or issues, you can always get in touch with our ePact Service Desk.


Example based on 15 VMs (depending on specs)
From €2,730 / month
  • One-off intake / start-up / set-up cost (migration)
  • Service Desk - VMware vCLoud related incidents (09.00 - 17.00)
  • Managed Platform - Monitoring, Preventive Maintenance, Patching, Upgrades
  • Internet Firewall (North South traffic) - (fixed)
  • vCloud - Data Centre NSX Firewall (East West traffic) - (fixed)
  • MPLS Terminations - (fixed)
  • vCLoud - Compute and Storage Resources
  • Additional options are possible.

Managed vCloud IaaS

What makes our private cloud and approach unique?

Our private cloud consists mainly of VMware technologiesBesides compute power, our software-defined data centre also comprises a flexible storage platform on vSAN (Gold Tier) and a modern network and security platform.

The integration with VMware NSX creates a dynamic network and security platform that allows the tenant to organise security in the IT environment the way they want it. This integration makes Security an intrinsic part of the VM, for which VMware has combined the NSX and vSphere licences into a single vCloud licence.

It incorporates Firewall Management, VPN site-to-site termination, routing and network extension. vCloud Director acts here as the management interface from which the client can manage all aspects of the SDDC.

Managed vCloud IaaS

Key benefits

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Our model comes with a predictable cost and a limited up-front CAPEX investment. We don't use a pay-as-you-grow model, but rather a resource-allocation model with monthly payments for a minimum period of 6 months.

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This can be scaled up or down as business needs change. This does have to be within the pre-defined, contractual rules of course.

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We offer a managed, high-performance, highly available, shared software Data Centre consisting mainly of VMware technology. This lets you focus more on your core activities.

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