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Managed Services

Let our team of experts take care of IT management for you, so you can concentrate on your core business.

Relieve yourself of IT management.

Why opt for Managed Services

Nowadays, every business has to contend with various IT processes that demand continuous management. For those businesses that lack the necessary resources or knowledge, there is the option to have the management carried out by a third party.

By choosing ePact as your Managed Service Provider, you can be sure that the necessary attention will be paid to proactive management, optimisation and protection of business processes and data. It makes no difference whether these are on-premise, in a private cloud or in the public cloud.

Outsourcing the management will also leave you with more time to focus on other core tasks. We will ensure that expectations are mapped out at the outset, and that we offer a solution that seamlessly meets your needs.

Focus on your core business


IT Support

Choose the support contract that best fits your business needs. Services can be provided under a 24/7, 8:00-18:00, or 9:00-17:00 regime and may include support, consultancy, preventative maintenance, project management, and audits.

CATO networks: SASE

Hand over network management and opt for a cloud-first architecture. This way, you no longer have to worry about the critical elements of the SASE solution. By doing this, you increase scalability, simplify management, and securely manage the network.

Private cloud: IAAS

Integrate compute, storage, networking and security within an advanced 'infrastructure as a service' platform made up of VMware technologies. Take control yourself of which VMs to add, remove or modify using the vCloud director.

PulseGuard: DraaS

Data is the most valuable asset for any business and must be protected at all times. Strengthen your Disaster Recovery Strategy with PulseGuard and take precautions for unforeseen circumstances.

Veeam Backup Microsoft 365: SAAS

Eliminate the risk of losing access to and control over your Microsoft 365 data, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams, so data is always secured and accessible.

Veeam Bacup & replication

Enjoy optimum protection against cyberattacks. We provide the Wasabi Cloud and manage, maintain and report on the entire Veeam Backup and Replication environment, guaranteeing you comprehensive protection and offsite data retention.

Our reference cases


O365 resides in the cloud and provides application recovery capabilities. However, securing this data remains the ultimate responsibility of companies. With its “Backup for Microsoft 365,” Veeam offers a full-fledged backup solution that also supports the Cherriis Web portal.. Setting up, managing and continuously optimizing this portal is done in close cooperation with Integri in the form of a SaaS solution.

BO Partner is a reseller of IT services with clients such as Bulo, Nathan, Eagle Stone and Nonet in its portfolio. Recently, they decided to focus more on their higher-end IT services and rely on a third-party Service Provider to manage their infrastructure.

O.L.V. van Lourdes Hospital Waregem is a general hospital that is part of the regional hospital network E17 and offers almost all services. They have 264 licensed beds and approximately 800 employees. With the slogan ‘together we guarantee the best possible care’ they are fully committed to providing their patients with excellent care, tailored to each individual’s needs and wishes. In order to fulfill and keep this promise, they invest in innovative projects to improve quality systems and optimize processes.

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