ePact and Integri create unique Veeam web portal to manage customers

O365 resides in the cloud and provides application recovery capabilities. However, securing this data remains the ultimate responsibility of companies. With its “Backup for Microsoft 365,” Veeam offers a full-fledged backup solution that also supports the Cherriis Web portal.. Setting up, managing and continuously optimizing this portal is done in close cooperation with Integri in the form of a SaaS solution.

Although Microsoft offers application recovery capabilities in its O365 platform, it is not a replacement for a full-fledged backup. Securing this data remains the ultimate responsibility of the clients themselves.

With its “Backup for Microsoft 365,” Veeam offers a full-fledged backup solution. However, there is still often a need for an advanced web portal that goes a bit further than what is offered by default, especially in function of backup management. This is where ePact and Integri join forces to create a fully-fledged SaaS solution, Zero Effort Backup for Office 365, which can cover all operational needs.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 (VBO 365)

Customers can opt for a customized VBO 365 solution, on the one hand, or a SaaS consumption model with total relief. As a Belgian local player, ePact differentiates itself from the large, international players. There is a direct line between the customer and the engineers, which makes it possible to think along actively and provide customers with optimal service. ePact’s customer portfolio consists of both small and large customers with 50 to 9000 mailboxes respectively. We look for the best possible approach in which customization is possible to a certain extent. Thus, we go for a solution that best suits the customer’s policy.

Moreover, a strict data privacy policy is applied. Where processing is done via Veeam’s own backup infrastructure, backups are stored in the EU via Wasabi Cloud Object Storage (S3 compatible). Furthermore, every action resulting from an incident is logged and reported to the customer on a quarterly basis. In doing so, the reporting provides a clear picture of the health status of the backups.

Veeam Web Portal

ePact integrated the Integri Cherriis solution to best manage customers. The portal is designed to support both IT teams and end users.

On the one hand, IT teams can assign rights to individuals and/or groups and, on the other hand, end users can autonomously recover certain data based on this role-based access. With self-service restore capabilities that go beyond basic functionality and granular management of roles and profiles, this solution enables better delegation of tasks and more fine-grained management of backup and restore tasks.

The Web portal provides real-time insights. This allows customers to keep their finger on the pulse in anticipation of quarterly reporting. Should problems still arise, there is the possibility to log a maximum of 2 incidents per month via the Service Desk. If additional support or customized services are required, these can be offered on payment of additional costs.

Moreover, the VBO 365 solution is not only available as a point solution, but can also integrate with other (already implemented) solutions. For example, for existing Veeam customers, VBO 365 can be plugged into the existing on premise backup environment. This means that companies only need 1 platform to secure all data.


ePact has been active with the solution for 3 years and is seeing a nice increase in the number of users.


Belgium, Edegem

Managed Services
Zero Effort Backup for Office 365


  • Local partner
  • Customization
  • Both small and larger clients
  • EU storage
  • Veeam integration

Partner contact
Christof Ugau