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Business Continuity​

We supply cast-iron backup, disaster recovery and data availability solutions. Irrespective of whether your data is housed in our data centres, or in an Azure, Amazon or other public cloud.

Prevent data loss and downtime

Business Continuity

IT is the new engine of all businesses. Continuity is essential so that employees are able to keep working, business processes keep running and data loss is avoided. This can only be achieved if you are prepared for possible downtime caused by equipment failure, or environmental and human factors

We ensure that businesses are protected, using automated, real-time backups. We guarantee fast and reliable recovery of files, virtual machines and applications. We can use our expertise to assist you in formulating a Business Continuity Plan.

Prevent data loss and downtime

Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery is part of Business Continuity. It is a method for getting business processes up and running again after the occurrence of unforeseen events such as cyberattacks or natural disasters. DR involves the retrieval and restoration of data from a second backup location which was not impacted.

This also explains why Hybrid Cloud solutions are enjoying such popularity nowadays. They make it possible to store data in multiple locations very easily. In addition, this is significantly more cost-effective than investing in your own infrastructure for backup purposes since you only pay for what is used.

Why Data Continuity is indispensable within a business

Benefits of Business Continuity strategy

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Continuity as a service

Continuity of business operation, during and after unforeseen events.

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Less downtime

Processes will recover faster after unforeseen events.

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Frequent backups

Limit the risk of large-scale data loss by taking frequent backups.

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Financial impact

Limit the risks and the potential financial impact on the business' income.

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Protect the company's reputation and gain internal and external trust.

Our reference cases


O365 resides in the cloud and provides application recovery capabilities. However, securing this data remains the ultimate responsibility of companies. With its “Backup for Microsoft 365,” Veeam offers a full-fledged backup solution that also supports the Cherriis Web portal.. Setting up, managing and continuously optimizing this portal is done in close cooperation with Integri in the form of a SaaS solution.

BO Partner is a reseller of IT services with clients such as Bulo, Nathan, Eagle Stone and Nonet in its portfolio. Recently, they decided to focus more on their higher-end IT services and rely on a third-party Service Provider to manage their infrastructure.

O.L.V. van Lourdes Hospital Waregem is a general hospital that is part of the regional hospital network E17 and offers almost all services. They have 264 licensed beds and approximately 800 employees. With the slogan ‘together we guarantee the best possible care’ they are fully committed to providing their patients with excellent care, tailored to each individual’s needs and wishes. In order to fulfill and keep this promise, they invest in innovative projects to improve quality systems and optimize processes.

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