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Veeam Server offsite backup

Optimum protection against cyberattacks by means of an additional offsite, security copy of all Veeam backup files.

Veeam Server backup

Additional protection against ransomware

In response to the ever increasing risk of a cyberattack, we have put together an offering that answers this problem. This solution enables businesses to take accelerated action if such an emergency occurs, using an additional, off-site security copy. What this means specifically is that companies that avail themselves of this offering take out extra insurance cover as part of disaster recovery by storing a backup offsite, ideally on a different media type.

As a backup product, Veeam is constantly evolving and as a result it has recently become possible to work in combination with Object Storage using the new Object Lock feature. This provides additional built-in security against ransomware attacks or other harmful actions. The immutability feature prevents backup data from being deleted, overwritten or modified for a certain predefined period.

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Veeam Server Backup

Managed AND unmanaged Services

We offer both a standard unmanaged Veeam Server backup model and a managed one. With the unmanaged solution we help existing Veeam Backup and Replication customers comply with Veeam’s 3-2-1 rule. For this, we use Wasabi Cloud (S3-compatible) which, apart from its financial advantages, also has a lot to offer from a technical point of view.  

One of the key features is the immutable storage option that allows backups to be fixed for a configurable period of time. This offers definitive protection against ransomware attacks, which are increasingly frequently being aimed at encrypting or erasing backups. 

One example of our hybrid approach is Managed Services; in addition to Wasabi Cloud, we also provide management, maintenance and monthly reporting for the entire Veeam Backup and Replication environmentWe take over complete responsibility for the backup system (IAAS) and proactively monitor the entire flow.

For both models, a subscription model / TB per month applies with an advance payment per year. If >25 TB are purchased for the managed model, we apply €10.50 / TB instead of €15.75.

What do our offerings include


€10,50 - 15,75 / TB per month


Managed subscription model

  • Administrative startup costs

  • Remote support by connecting Wasabi Cloud

  • Onsite support through installation of Veeam Cloud Connect

  • Managed package details

  • Monthly Veeam backup reporting

  • Offsite Cloud Storage with ransomware protection

€6,30 / TB per month


Unmanaged subscription model

  • Administrative startup costs

  • Remote support by connecting Wasabi Cloud

  • Offsite Cloud Storage with ransomware protection

Veeam Zero Effort Server backup​

Key benefits



Significantly faster than traditional storage services.

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Wasabi uses a predictable pricing model. No additional costs for IO manipulations or use of bandwidth; only the storage cost is charged.

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The new S3 Object Lock feature provides even better security and prevents malicious or unintentional operations that could lead to significant loss of or changes to data.

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Veeam and Wasabi

Veeam and Wasabi have jointly established a strong go-to-market strategy, and as a result they have a thorough understanding of each other's technologies.

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