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Digital workplace

With the Digital Workplace you give your team the tools needed for better remote working, wherever and whenever they want.

Work anywhere, on any device and whenever you like

Digital workplace

It used to be easy to define the workplace as “a fixed place to go to on working days”, but this is no longer so cut and dried today. The contemporary workplace is everywhere and continues to evolve to meet business needs and the needs of current and future employees. Furthermore, the digital workplace is going to increasingly depend on the user context.

The ideal workplace is different for every business and implementation involves considerably more than merely new technologies. There should be a purposeful choice of tools that will improve productivity, collaboration and user experience within the business, regardless of location, device or employee. Because everyone has access to data and applications from different locations and devices, attention also needs to be paid to security.

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Implement a digital workplace in your business

Various facets

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  • Make sure that both the cloud and on-site infrastructure are adapted.
  • Opt for a fast and secure network connection
  • Implement innovative online tools that facilitate virtual collaboration.
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  • Provide the best services for both BYOD and CYOD policies.
  • Opt for high-quality equipment that meets the requirements.
  • Ensure optimum protection.
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  • Pay the necessary attention to the user experience.
  • Make the required tools available, irrespective of the location or device.
  • Ensure a safe, digital working environment.
  • Provide courses and training for those that need it.

Listen to the needs and wishes of your employees

Benefits of a digital workplace

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Motivate remote teamwork through the use of innovative tools that enable instant communication and feedback.

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Stimulate flexibility by moving communication and document-sharing outside the physical workplace.

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Central storage

All necessary information and applications brought together in a single location that is accessible remotely.

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User experience

Provide a user-friendly working environment that enables employees to find everything quickly and easily.

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Operational costs

Allow teams to collaborate remotely to cut down on travelling time and reduce office space requirements.

Our most used technologies

Where can we support you

Our most used technologies

Where can we support you

Our reference cases


O.L.V. Van Lourdes Ziekenhuis Waregem

O.L.V. van Lourdes Hospital Waregem is a general hospital that is part of the regional hospital network E17 and offers almost all services. They have 264 licensed beds and approximately 800 employees. With the slogan ‘together we guarantee the best possible care’ they are fully committed to providing their patients with excellent care, tailored to each individual’s needs and wishes. In order to fulfill and keep this promise, they invest in innovative projects to improve quality systems and optimize processes.

Hamann gebouw

Hamann International Logistics is a specialized partner for all customized logistics solutions. Both large industrial shippers and small and medium-sized companies can rely on them. Hamann is your personal and proactive one-stop solution for general cargo, warehousing, sea and air freight and e-commerce logistics within the BeNeLux.

Ziekenhuis UZ Brussel

UZ Brussel University Hospital, located on the Jette campus, is one of the most important hospitals in Belgium with 721 beds. It was founded by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and several polyclinics at various locations on the outskirts of Brussels are attached to the hospital. These are also supported for various services – including IT – from UZ Brussel.

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