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IT support​

What we do

Depending on which support solution you opt for, our ePact Service Desk is ready and waiting to help get you out of trouble as per the following regimes: 24/7, 08.00 – 18.00 or 09.00 – 17.00.

At the start of a support contract, we take stock of how the current infrastructure is set up during an intake session. The purpose of this is to ensure that both of us have a clear picture of the current situation so that we are in a position to provide you with a quality service.

We perform a health check in which we critically assess the current infrastructure. From this assessment, we produce a report detailing the documented as-is situation and where applicable any recommendations based on our expertise.

During a preventive maintenance we evaluate the infrastructure and, in consultation with you, carry out a number of adjustments/improvements.

We follow up on short-term and long-term projects through planned management. In conjunction with you, we set out the objectives, tasks and responsibilities with due regard for the scope, time and budget.

We can provide your infrastructure team with short-term or long-term support when necessary. Our consultants undergo regular supplementary training and certification so they can deliver technical added value.

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How can we support you

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Depending on the support window you choose, you may contact our service desk for support in relation to the technologies supported by us. We guarantee expertise, continuous follow-up, vendor escalation if necessary, frequent communication in order to resolve the problem or change, or bring it to a satisfactory conclusion, within an acceptable time frame.

You can get in touch with our service desk by phone or email to report an incident or submit a change request.

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We attach great importance to keeping our architects’ and engineers’ knowledge up to date. We promote this by means of regular training courses and certification pathways.

As a result, when you need expertise in the technologies we offer, either in the short-term or long-term, our consultants can assist and guide you in projects and support.

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Preventive maintenance

A number of recurring preventive maintenance days are included in a maintenance contract. During these days, your infrastructure will be analysed and in consultation with you we will propose a number of improvements that can be implemented immediately. This analysis will also take into account the redundancy of the systems.

These days will mainly involve the installation of minor and/or security patches in order to keep the environment up to date and secure. You will also receive a report on the as-is situation, the tasks carried out and any recommendations.

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Project management

When it comes to project work, we can support you, guide you or take sole responsibility for delivering a project from A to Z. Our project managers work in cooperation with the stakeholders to establish the milestones, resources required and the deliverables with due regard for time, budget and scope.

When we complete or deliver a project, we provide a handover in the form of documentation and, if desired, a training/workshop on the newly implemented technology.

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If you want support, or are considering outsourcing the remote management of your infrastructure, we propose carrying out an intake for this. We will take a snapshot of the infrastructure and where applicable make some recommendations based on our expertise. You will be provided with a 360° report that covers the as-is situation and our recommendations. This enables us to intervene more precisely when a problem arises or you want to implement a change.

Health checks are part of a maintenance contract and these are proactively and regularly scheduled. The same procedure is applied as for an intake, with the only difference being that a health check is a repeated event.

You can also approach us for a one-time audit of the infrastructure. 

Our reference cases


O365 resides in the cloud and provides application recovery capabilities. However, securing this data remains the ultimate responsibility of companies. With its “Backup for Microsoft 365,” Veeam offers a full-fledged backup solution that also supports the Cherriis Web portal.. Setting up, managing and continuously optimizing this portal is done in close cooperation with Integri in the form of a SaaS solution.

BO Partner is a reseller of IT services with clients such as Bulo, Nathan, Eagle Stone and Nonet in its portfolio. Recently, they decided to focus more on their higher-end IT services and rely on a third-party Service Provider to manage their infrastructure.

O.L.V. van Lourdes Hospital Waregem is a general hospital that is part of the regional hospital network E17 and offers almost all services. They have 264 licensed beds and approximately 800 employees. With the slogan ‘together we guarantee the best possible care’ they are fully committed to providing their patients with excellent care, tailored to each individual’s needs and wishes. In order to fulfill and keep this promise, they invest in innovative projects to improve quality systems and optimize processes.

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