Wim combines technical presales with operational support for companies

Wim is our Datacenter & Backup Architect and has been working at ePact since 2016. How did he experience these three years? Which role does he fulfill within the team? Discover it here!

How did you became a part of ePact?

For 16 years I managed the IT infrastructure from A to Z at various companies. But after a while, working as an end-user engineer didn’t make me happy anymore. What I mean by this? My interest in IT is broader than smaller IT problems like a defect printer, outlook problems or WI-FI that isn’t working propely.Virtualization (mainly VMware software) has always appealed to me. So I decided that is was time for a new job.

My eye fell on the vacancy of ‘ Datacenter & Backup architect ‘ at ePact. A challenging job and close to home (always a bonus). The job interview with Christof went so well that I was allowed to start immediately. And voila, three years later I am still working here.

Team ePact

What has your job to do with virtualization?

Within ePact I fulfill two roles . Half the time I assist Philip and Christof with technical presales. I set up client proposals, have brainstorm sessions with customers, estimate the number of days that are needed to fullfill projects,…

My colleague Philip mainly listens to the needs and requirements of the customer. As soon as it gets clear what the project entails, I explain the technical aspects of the offered solution. When preparing a quote, I compile the different stages of the projects and the corresponding price and Philip pours this into a nice quote. Philip and I complement each other perfectly.

In addition to my job as a technical presales, I also work in the field as an architect. I think this is very important to keep a connection with the team and to stay up to date with the latest trends within the market. I don’t want to promise things that I can’t realize. On an operational level, I install infrastructure needed to run a business Backup is a big part of this.

What does backup mean?

IT remains IT. Things can always go wrong, so it is always best to back up the data stored on your computer in case data gets lost. When your computer crashes, you still have the copy. In other words, it is a security option .

How have you experienced the past 3 years at ePact?

At ePact you get the opportunity to develop in your field of interest . On a regular basis, we may attend trainings and workshops of our choice. It ensures that I stay constantly up-to-date in my field. And I like that.

What training and certificates have you done already?

My certificates are for our partners VMware and Veeam . I am a Certified VMware Professional in Data Center Virtualization . This means I can deploy, manage and troubleshoot the vSphere solution. I am also a vSAN specialist of VMware. I understand, design and implement the architecture of vSAN (the storage solution from VMware).

For our partner Veeam I am a Certified Engineer . I can properly install, configure and manage their solutions. The Advanced Architecture Certificate is still on top of my agenda. I have already completed the training. I just have to do my exam. When I get this certificate, I automatically become a Veeam Architect. This is the highest certificate you can get from them.

Finally, how would you describe working at ePact?

Nice working environment! I really like working here. It’s a small team, part of a bigger group. That often gives an extra push when needed. You can always fall back on other parties and it is not an administrative mill. The decisions are made quickly and all parties are involved.

They really do a lot here in terms of team management. This is the first time in my career that so many team events are being held. There is something for everyone. For example, for the 15th anniversary of ePact, we left for Austria for a short ski. That was really incredible, but definitely worth a second edition!

But not only the team building activities ensure that the working environment is nice, also work-related activities. Last year we visited VMware in London. That was an unforgettable experience. A nice mix between work and fun.

In short, there is always something to stay with ePact. You get many opportunities to develop yourself. And I personally think that makes the difference with other companies.

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Team ePact