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As a software-only solution for backups, disaster recovery and monitoring, Veeam data security software fits in entirely with the software-defined vision of ePact. You select your own hardware, and the solution can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure. Veeam was originally a backup supplier that primarily supplied work for smaller and medium-sized business. Thanks to their development in the scalability field, they were subsequently successful in serving the enterprise market. Veeam also focused strongly on integration with both primary and secondary storage vendors, which enables them to process the largest backup quantities without any impact on source VMs.

Veeam’s slogan summarises everything very simply: ‘It just works’. Veeam provides integration at hypervisor level, and guarantees its excellent operation and management. At the moment, both VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V are supported. Nutanix Acropolis will soon be supported as well. Besides the solution that originated as backup to disk only, thanks to Veeam Cloud Connect, Veeam now also has fully-fledged tape-out support and an unambiguous backup to the cloud strategy. Whereas Veeam used to only have a solution for the virtual world, the range has now been expanded with the Veeam agents offering the same features for the physical server. This additional service is the ‘missing link’ for big companies that used to hesitate due to lack of support from the physical world. Simplicity of management also applies to applications integration, and that for all common applications, including MS, SQL, AD, SharePoint, Exchange, Oracle, Office365 etc. The further scalability of this data security software, which can expand along with your infrastructure, is crucial. As far as the cloud is concerned, Veeam also offers solutions for the Hybrid Cloud.


VEEAM Services

When running the backup, environments suffer an operational impact, or the backup window gets bigger and bigger and the data threatens not to be backed up in time.


When clients are unsure about their restore options, or the consistency of their business applications. With SureBackup, Veeam gives you the option of testing the backup systematically (down to application level) and delivers clear reports on this.


When there is no clear Disaster Recovery plan, or when it is difficult to manage that plan because it does not have the required degree of flexibility or detail. Most of all, clients want to get rid of a hardware-based vendor lock-in, thus saving costs. In these cases, the software-only approach is a workable alternative.


When there is no simple monitoring and alerting. Clients often find it difficult to detect problem areas, particularly in a siloed infrastructure, a configuration whereby different people are responsible for a particular component. This results in an unnecessary amount of research, and a large section of the business being left out in the cold. Veeam ONE offers an answer to this with unambiguous and simple monitoring, supplemented with alerts and reports.


When using Office 365. Clients with Office365 often want to have more control over their backups, and demand increased security. Veeam for Microsoft Office 365 is the perfect solution even in a mixed environment where MS Exchange is used in combination with O365.