Bart has been working at ePact as a virtualization expert for 11 years and knows the company like no other

Bart has been working for ePact as a Virtualization Architect since 2008, so he knows the company like no other Discover here how he became a part of ePact, what his job entails now and how he experienced those 11 years.

How did you became a part of ePact?

I have been a Virtualization Architect all my career. So I have a very broad, general knowledge of virtualization. Because my previous employer was on the brink of bankruptcy, I had to find a new job as soon as possible. Thanks to my former job I had experience with VMwareand this was a big plus. I was placed at ePact through someone else. They are a partner of VMware. It was a logical next step in my career.

What do you do at ePact?

I am also a Virtualization Architect at ePact. My expertise? The data center! I implement, configure and maintain servers so that companies can continue their daily routine. I am a long term system administrator . This means that I take care of the data center for one customer for an extended period of time.

What is a data center?

In a data center, companies keep the most important ICT facilities such as files, documents, applications, data storage, backups, etc. These are secure areas where computer equipment is located and connections to the outside world are made. This space ensures that everything in your company functions properly and is secured.

You have been working here for more than 22 years. What was the thing that has stuck with you the most?

Our partner VMware regularly organizes events for their partners, such as VMware World and a trip to VMware headquarters.

VMware World is organized to network, follow training courses, get to know the latest gadgets… Last year this fair took place in Barcelona. A very instructive, pleasant experience in a beautiful location. Glad I got to experience it.

The trip to VMware headquarters was also an unforgettable experience, organized exclusively for us. In addition to receiving training, we also have team buildings on a regular basis. For example, VMware arranged a table in the restaurant Faulty Towers. Good laughs, good food, a really great evening!

Finally, how would you describe working at ePact?

Fantastic . We are really friends among each other. Within ePact you are not a number. ePact is part of the Cronos Group. Cronos itself is a large firm, which includes many smaller sub-firms. As a result, you still remain a small group. You create a different atmosphere than in a large company. And in between there is a lot of time for jokes. I enjoy coming to work every day.

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