From Marketing Consultant to official ePact'er

Melissa has been an unofficial part of our team since September 2019. Unofficially because she started with us as a Marketing Consultant, working for First Floor. Now we are two years later and she became an official part of our team of ePact’ers since January 2021. What is it like to be a woman in an IT team with all men? You can read about it in this blog!

Some facts about Melissa

  • 27 years.
  • As a foodie, she makes it her job to look for new hotspotsin and around Antwerp to enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner. In her spare time she also keeps about 50 plants alive as a plantmom.
  • Bachelor of Communication Management majoring in Commercial Communication and Master of Communication Sciences – Strategic Communication.
  • Marketing Manager at ePact since January 2021and previously working here as a Marketing Consultant.
  • Professional Goals: Continue to grow and gain new knowledge within the constantly changing Marketing world and continue to develop her graphic skills.

First things first, what did you do before you started working at ePact?

Before I started at ePact, I was searching enormously for a job that really suited me and that I found fulfilling. Shortly after I graduated I started working as an interim all-round Marketing Assistant. Here I was mainly busy creating content calendars, presentations and creative visuals. Then I started working as anSEO and SEA campaign managerwithin a young team. In contrast to my previous job, I was mainly analytical and my days consisted of writing reports, SEO optimizations and monitoring SEA campaigns.

What I take with me from these jobs is that I find variation very important. But in addition, I find a supportive business environment where personal initiative and mutual trust are also very important. With these lessons I went looking for a new challenge and so I ended up as a Marketing Consultant within the young and dynamic team of First Floor.

As a consultant I got the opportunity to work in very different business environments, sectors and functions so I could find out which job suited me best. Let it be a coincidence that I started working as a Marketing Consultant at ePact almost at the beginning of my traineeship at First Floor.

What was your first impression of ePact?

I took over the project at ePact from a fellow consultant at First Floor. So I already had a good idea of what to expect and what kind of team I would be joining. if you had asked me at that time whether the IT world (and man’s world) would be something for me in the long run, I would probably have said no. I had no knowledge of IT at all and had my doubts whether it would be something for me. The first few days I had absolutely no clue what terms like ‘virtualization, data center, and hybrid cloud’ meant. At that time, cybersecurity and hackers were still something out of the movies and it didn’t occur to me that others might be interested in my personal data… Naive? Maybe a little?

How do you look back on the past period?

Meanwhile, it has been two years since I started my adventure here. When I just started there were basically no marketing activities. When I look back now at everything we have accomplished in the past period, I look back with a good (and proud) feeling. We have a recognizable brandingthat is carried through everywhere, we run campaignsat regular times, potential customers find their own way through our websiteand with our BITSANDBI(Y)TES by ePact & partnerswe have created a successful webinar series in these challenging (digital) times.

Which event has been the most memorable so far?

Covid-19 has been a bit of a bummer lately so I haven’t been able to participate in many events. This is a pity because ePact normally puts a lot of effort into organizing activities after work. The only event I’ve participated in so far was last year’sNew Year’s Eve event where we all went to Black Smoke for dinner. Tasty, but above all fun! During the Covid-19 period we also regularly received an apero package at home. These are obviously no events, but it shows appreciation and provides a sense of togetherness in these times.

Finally, how would you describe working at ePact?

I feel very comfortable working at ePact and we are very lucky to have Philip and Christof as our bosses. There’s a lot of room forpersonal and professional growth. In my case this is of course slightly different because I don’t fit into the ‘most common employee profile’ within the team. Nevertheless, I am allowed to look for relevant and interesting training courses so that I can continue to develop myself. Philip and Christof also value our opinion and listen to our needs. I can’t even imagine that there is something that cannot be discussed. This is of course a luxury, because at many other companies this is not possible!

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