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Dell EMC Data Domain

Data Domain provides rapid, scalable and cloud-enabled protection storage for backups, archiving and disaster recovery.

About Dell EMC Data Domain

Storage and Recoverability

Whereas data protection is often added to existing backup solutions, Data Domain is specially designed for this purpose.  The ‘Data Domain Operating System’ focuses on Data integrity and Recoverability. It provides the flexibility, security and reliability whereby the Data Domain platform is able to provide fast, scalable, secure and cloud-enabled storage for backups, archiving and disaster recovery.

New backup data is checked for corruption using advanced end-to-end verification testing. If the data is clean, it will be stored securely using a special log-structured file. This extends even to protecting data against bugs in its own software. Furthermore, existing data blocks will never be overwritten when updates are available, instead a new block will be created.

Restoring data has never been so easy. In addition to continuous background checks, Data Domain also possesses a built-in self-describing format. This involves the setting-up of metadata structures. On a daily basis, multiple snapshots are taken thus enabling file systems to be restored easily based on logfiles and associated metadata.

Data Domain Retention Lock software

Data Domain Retention Lock enables compliance officers and storage and backup administrators to comply with the retention requirements for data stored in a Data Domain system. It prevents files from being modified or deleted during a pre-defined period.

Using this feature, it is possible to lock archive data at the individual file level. This feature allows these files to be combined with files that are not locked within the self-same Data Domain system. This facilitates a broader consolidation of backup and retention-based archive data.

Why ePact

How do we set to work

At ePact, we have worked closely for several years with VMware, the cloud computing and virtualisation software expert. Dell EMC Data Domain’s inherent versatility and flexibility allows us to use this solution as a supplement for backup and recovery in the current VMware environment

Data Domain Virtual Edition (DD VE) utilises the DD OS to provide software-defined protection storage on-premise and in the cloud. In addition, DD VE can be downloaded, implemented and configured quickly and easily, and become operational within the space of a few minutes. It can be deployed on any standard hardware, converged or hyperconverged, and runs in VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM, as well as in the cloud with AWS, AWS GovCloud, VMware Cloud, Azure, Azure Government Cloud and Google Cloud Platform. DD VE can also be combined with VxRail and Dell PowerEdge servers.

In order to be certain that the underlying infrastructure is indeed compatible, we examine it using an assessment tool.

Network and security platform

Key benefits



The DD OS gives Data Domain cutting-edge speed and efficiency with a processing capacity of up to 68 TB/hour. This allows more backups to be performed and reduces backup windows.

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Source-side variable-length deduplication ensures that data is deduplicated on the disk and the required disk space is kept as low as possible. These data are available both online and on-site.

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Data Domain is extremely easy to install and manage, resulting in lower administrative and operational costs.

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Simple and efficient long-term retention in a public, private or hybrid cloud.

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