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ExaGrid Tiered backup

Tiered backup storage that makes the best use of hard disk and deduplication appliances in combination with each other for fast backups and restores.

About ExaGrid

Tiered Backup Storage

ExaGrid focuses 100% on Tiered Backup Storage. Within the market, ExaGrid differentiates itself by making the best use of a disk and deduplication appliance in combination with each other. Whereas other solutions focus mainly on inline deduplication, ExaGrid focuses on scale-out deduplication.

For the deduplication, it makes use of a landing zone where it deposits the backup. The backups are not deduplicated immediately on the hard disk but first stored without compression or deduplication in the landing zone. Only then is the deduplication performed in the background – this ensures that the backups and restores are much faster and enables efficient long-term storage.

The scale-out approach makes use of appliances especially designed so that the performance matches the capacity which is being backed up. This means not having to compromise on performance due to increased capacity.

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ExaGrid: Integrated Veeam Data Mover – Faster Synthetic Fulls

Retention Time-Lock for Ransomware Recovery

Backups are written to the landing zone first. Because this can still be hacked, ExaGrid uses a Two-Tier Backup architecture. Above the landing zone is the retention zone, where backups are stored in deduplicated form for a longer period.

The ExaGrid software sits between these two layers.This ensures that users of the appliances only have access to the landing zone and are not able to delete data from the retention zone. The built-in Tiered Air Gap provides a 10-30 day buffer for recovering data deleted from the landing zone.

Why ePact

How do we set to work

At ePact, we have been working closely with Veeam, the backup and replication expert, for years. The ExaGrid solution, with its seamless Veeam integration, is a great bolt-on in this regard.As standard, the ExaGrid appliances have a built-in Veeam agent that enables efficient, intercommunication between them both.

With ExaGrid’s built-in landing zone, we can easily use non-deduplicated reserve copies which are needed to utilise many of Veeam’s features.

Each ExaGrid appliance includes an integrated Veeam Data Mover that performs backup copy jobs completely independently and significantly improves the backup and restore processes. This enables a synthetic full to be created and restored directly on the Exagrid system.

This combination of Veeam’s Scale Out Backup Repository (SOBR) and ExaGrid’s appliances in the scale-out system enables us to provide our clients with a solid, integrated backup solution. 

Network and security platform

Key benefits



Backups and restores are considerably faster thanks to ExaGrid's unique landing zone technology.

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The scale-out deduplication approach avoids compromising on performance when the capacity is increased.

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Low costs

With ExaGrid appliances and support, there is no such thing as an 'end of life', which can represent a considerable saving.

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With its Net Promoter score of +73, ExaGrid support is world class.

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