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VMware Horizon Suite

The VMware Horizon Suite comprises three large blocks that in practice are often used interchangeably to provide end users with the right experience at the right time from the right location.

About Horizon

Secure delivery of virtual desktops and apps

VMware Horizon is a modern platform that enables virtual desktops and apps to be run securely in the hybrid cloud.It has three large blocks ‘Horizon Apps, Horizon View and Workspace ONE‘ that in practice are frequently combined to provide end users with an optimum user experience in a secure manner. Anywhere, any time and on any device.

It enables one-to-many provisioning and easy management of images, apps, policies, etc. to be performed from a single console. This results in a flexible and modern approach that significantly speeds up and simplifies the IT environment and reduces its associated costs.

Flexible deployment and the hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities also make it easy to move to the cloud.

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VMware Horizon Suite​

The building blocks


Nowadays, end users want the ability to do their work quickly and efficiently, wherever and whenever they want on the device of their choice.

Horizon Apps supplies published apps based on MS RDS technology while its application management allows applications to be delivered and maintained centrally. We can provide conditional access and enforce security settings depending on where the end user is located.


Horizon View supplies a complete desktop that runs on server infrastructure. Using just-in-time techniques, various layers are brought together to create a unique and personalised experience for the end user, without making the administration workload unmanageable.

The same lifecycle management techniques and security measures also apply to the VDi solution. This allows end users to switch between VDIs and published apps depending on their location and the work they want to carry out at the time.


Workspace ONE is used to keep control of decentralised peripheral devices from smartphones to tablets to laptops.VMware makes a point of supporting any device, irrespective of whether it runs on Android, IOS or Windows. This ensures a consistent application look and feel across all devices and, by extension, other products within the Horizon Suite as well. Our preference is to provide this as a SaaS service and we can often go further than competing products in a heterogeneous solution. VMware makes a point of supporting ALL peripherals.

Secure delivery of virtual desktops and apps

Key benefits


Simplicity and Speed

Deploy fully equipped, personalised virtual desktops and apps in seconds by using Instant Clone, VMware App Volumes™ and VMware Dynamic Environment Manager™ technologies.

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Hybrid Delivery, Management and Scale

Flexible deployment capabilities for private and public clouds, such as Microsoft Azure, VMware Cloud™ on AWS and Google Cloud, make hybrid and multi-cloud architectures possible.

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End-to-end security

Horizon provides secure remote access to company resources from personal or company devices and centrally hosted desktops and apps. VMware infrastructure's intrinsic, built-in security helps provide complete protection from the device, across the network, to the data centre and the cloud.

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Digital workspace experience

By granting access to Horizon virtual desktops and apps via Workspace ONE, IT is able to extend the best possible digital workspace experience to all apps and use cases. Supported Horizon features include single sign-on, session collaboration and support for hundreds of peripheral devices.

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