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Rapid7 InsightIDR

InsightIDR is designed to provide a cost-efficient answer to SIEM requirements. With its Metasploit community, research, and incident response services, Rapid7 continuously studies and identifies the latest attack methods and has found ways of increasing accuracy, speeding up processes, and gaining more confidence even as attack methods evolve.

Detection and Response

Rapid7 InsightIDR

InsightIDR, Rapid7’s Incident Detection and Response (IDR) solution, is designed to enable organisations to rapidly detect and respond to cybersecurity incidents and breaches of physical, virtual and cloud assets. InsightIDR combines SIEM, UBA and endpoint detection to detect covert attacks in today’s complex networks. It analyses the billions of events that take place in organisations every day to narrow them down to the key behaviours and deliver accurate and prioritised alerts. In addition to identifying covert attacks that other solutions often miss, InsightIDR directs the security team’s attention to issues that justify investigation and reduces the time needed for such investigation courtesy of its user correlation and powerful search and endpoint interrogation capabilities.

InsightIDR is designed to provide a cost-efficient answer to SIEM requirements. With its Metasploit community, research, and incident response services, Rapid7 continuously studies and identifies the latest attack methods and has found ways of increasing accuracyspeeding up processes, and gaining more confidence even as attack methods evolve.

Rapid7 Insight Platform Vulnerability Management

Rapid7 is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, its mission being to make successful security tools and practices accessible to all. Rapid7 Insight Platform technology, expert services and pioneering research is what has enabled more than 9,000 customers to improve their security programmes so they can get ahead and innovate securely.

Why ePact

ePact and Rapid7 partnership

We are aware that evolutions such as the digital workplace and (I)IOT have created new challenges for our customers and made it difficult to define perimeters. What are all the devices that will be connecting to our business network today? Are they protected/patched? What should we do if a new device connects to our company network?

To deal with these concerns and challenges, we have been actively advising our customers about their Vulnerability and EUC management in recent years, but now we have decided to take our service to a higher level. To this end, in September 2021, we entered into an active partnership with Rapid7 and underwent the necessary training and certifications to be able to support our customers proactively in Vulnerability Management (Rapid7 InsightVM).

An extra trump card for us in the Rapid7 solution is the possibility to also offer the SIEM as-a-service (Rapid7 InsightDR) from the same platform, so that we can also provide customers with insight into the operational running of all their security components, thus enabling faster intervention in the event of anomalies.

Rapid7 InsightIDR

Key benefits

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Immediate ROI

Our agile, tailored and adaptable SIEM is built in the cloud to get you out of the blocks even faster, while constantly expanding your capabilities as you grow into the platform.

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Key benefits

With machine learning, advanced analyses and out-of-the box detections put together by our global SOC team, you can quickly sort through data to identify and respond to real threats, all from a single interface.

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Built by experts

Make as much use of our threat intelligence network, research and SOC experts as best fits into your needs. Our flexible, intelligence-based approach helps you to extract the most out of our resources - and yours.

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