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Trend Micro Network One

Trend Micro’s Network and Response (NDR) solution enables businesses to detect and take swift action against malicious inbound, outbound and lateral network traffic.

About Network One

Network protection

Nowadays, lots of companies are aware of security’s crucial role within the IT environment. With Trend Micro Network One, you can go a step further.

Once a hacker has gained access to a network, it is only a matter of time before this threat widens at a rapid rate and causes damage. Network One, Trend Micro’s Network and Response (NDR) solution, allows you to detect malicious inbound, outbound and lateral network traffic more quickly. This enables IT teams to undertake rapid action and limit damage.

As well as preventing zero-day attacks, Trend Micro Network One also provides vital network telemetry for Vision One. This puts security operations teams in a position to obtain a clear overview of their IT environment, improve response speed and prevent future attacks.

Trend Micro Network One

Zero-day threats protection

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Malware and URLs

A packet or means of delivering a packet, using an exploit to attack vulnerabilities. 

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Zero-day vulnerabilities

Bugs or weak points that are not yet known and have not yet been exploited.

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Zero-day exploits

A new way in which to attack already known vulnerabilities.

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Installation and configuration Trend Micro Network One

We offer the Network One solution both in on-premise and in Software as a Service forms. Four phases are involved in the installation and configuration process.

We begin the project with a kick-off meeting in which we record all the objectives and requirements of all stakeholders. In the next phase, we begin to implement and configure the proposed solution(s) and prepare the environment for deployment of the pilot systems. These are then reviewed and once approved they are rolled out to the full infrastructure under the necessary guidance. In the last phase, we undertake a final check and provide all the teams involved with training.

After the final roll-out, we recommend that an engineer check the environment on a monthly basis for updates and critically review the existing policies. If necessary, the engineer can personalise settings and assist in the deployment of Network One.

Trend Micro Network One

Eliminate blind spots in the network

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Visibility of North/South and East/West traffic

Get visibility over traffic moving from North to South and East to West with one device. Reduce complexity and economise on budget and time.

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Industry-leading threat research

With the Zero-Day Initiative, the world’s largest bug bounty programme, you ensure rapid protection against known, unknown and undisclosed threats.

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Optimised performance

Optimise your security policy with high-performance and automated protection aligned to your hybrid environment.

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