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Trend Micro Endpoint security

Trend Micro’s Apex One portfolio consists of advanced threat protection techniques to plug security gaps in each user’s activity and endpoint from a single-agent architecture.

About Apex One portfolio

Endpoint security

Threats are evolving on a daily basis and are becoming ever more innovative. Incorrectly or inadequately informed employees may unwittingly give hackers access to crucial data.

With Trend Micro’s Apex One portfolio, you have a solution that features advanced threat protection techniques. This form of security has the flexibility needed nowadays to be able to switch rapidly in the face of today’s fast-changing threats, such as fileless malware, targeted attacks and cryptomining.

Using a single-agent architecture, both on-premise and as a service, plug the security gaps of any user activity and any endpoint. Easily apply multiple security layers across endpoints, email, web and software as a service (SaaS) applications. This guarantees you maximum user protection regardless of the device, network, application or location.

All network traffic and anomalies are displayed in a centralised overview that integrates seamlessly with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR).

Trend Micro ApexOne

Endpoint security redefined

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Endpoint security

Optimal protection for all devices whether they are fat or thin clients, POS systems or devices for other purposes.

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email security

Protection for mail platforms, on-prem and in the cloud (O365), employing advanced spam detection, filtering and cleaning methods.

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web security

Intercept suspicious activity on the network with Advanced Threat Detection Appliance. For this we make use of all of the following: IDS, Packet sniffers, Network Behaviour Analysers and Sandboxes, plus Detection and Response techniques.

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Installation and configuration of Trend Micro Apex One

We offer the ApexOne solution both in on-premise and in Software as a Service forms. Four phases are involved in the installation and configuration process.

We begin the project with a kick-off meeting in which we record all the objectives and requirements of all stakeholders. In the next phase, we begin to implement and configure the proposed solution(s) and prepare the environment for deployment of the pilot systems. These are then reviewed and once approved they are rolled out to the full infrastructure under the necessary guidance. In the last phase, we undertake a final check and provide all the teams involved with training.

After the final roll-out, we recommend that an engineer check the environment on a monthly basis for updates and critically review the existing policies. If necessary, the engineer can personalise settings and assist in the deployment of the Apex One portfolio.

Trend Micro Apex One


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  • Effective Detection and Response
  • Modern technology to block the latest threats incl. fileless
  • Industry’s most timely patching
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  • Central visibility and control across all functions
  • EDR investigation option for root-cause and threat hunting
  • MDR service option to boost security / SOC teams
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  • Endpoint security and EDR together in one agent
  • No need for multiple vendor agents on same endpoint
  • SaaS and on-premise parity (SaaS first approach)

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