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VMware Carbon Black

A cloud-native platform that delivers the best antivirus and endpoint detection and response capabilities, but without compromising system performance.

About VMware Carbon Black Cloud

Endpoint protection that adapts to your business

VMware Carbon Black Cloud is a cloud-native platform for endpoint protection (EPP) that combines the intelligent system hardening and behaviour analysis which are needed to withstand possible threats.

This platform maintains multiple endpoint protection capabilities using a single agent and console. This enables you to work faster and more efficiently. As part of VMware’s intrinsic security approach, Carbon Black Cloud incorporates the workflow for system hardening and threat detection in order to respond more rapidly and protect the business from all kinds of threats.

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We begin the project with a kick-off meeting in which we record all the objectives and requirements of all stakeholders. In the next phase, we begin to implement and configure the proposed solution(s) and prepare the environment for deployment of the pilot systems. These are then reviewed and once approved they are rolled out to the full infrastructure under the necessary guidance. In the last phase, we undertake a final check and provide all the teams involved with training.

After the final roll-out, we recommend that an engineer check the environment on a monthly basis for updates and critically review the existing policies.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud​

Key benefits

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Endpoint standard

Analyse behaviour patterns of hackers in order to detect and stop attacks that have not previously been seen.

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Audit and remediation

Perform an audit of the current systems and optimise the security.

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Enterprise EDR

Proactively seek out abnormal activities within the system using intelligent software and adjustable detection capabilities.

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Managed detection

MD enables you to get insight into the Security Operations Centre, 24 hours per day. Findings are listed in a convenient report.

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