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VMware Cloud on AWS

Rapidly expand, migrate and protect your VMware environment in the AWS Cloud.

About VMware Cloud on AWS

Getting started

VMware Cloud™ on AWS is an on-demand service that allows enterprises to run applications in vSphere®-based cloud environments with access to a broad range of AWS services. Managed by the VMware Cloud Foundation, this service integrates vSphere, vSAN™ and NSX® in conjunction with vCenter® management and is optimised for use on special, scalable bare-metal AWS infrastructure.

By means of this service, IT teams can administer their cloud-based resources using the VMware management tools with which they are familiar. VMware Cloud on AWS allows the infrastructure to be modernised with existing tools and skills. This can be done without needing to perform complex conversions of the architecture, or refactoring or reforming it. In addition, VMware Cloud on AWS provides seamless access to AWS services that were previously SAAS-oriented.

Why ePact

What makes us different​

As trusted VMware advisor, we assist our clients in a realistic cloud development process without ignoring the investments already made, including those in legacy systems. As a VMware Private cloud supplier using our own private vCloud, we can also supply tailored solutions for specific issues, supplemented where necessary by hyperscaler resources for burst capacity. All thanks to VMware technology that guarantees the platform independence” of the hyperscalers.

With its software defined technology, VMware offers solutions for all infrastructure issues, and thus by extension, also for all application issues. This applies both on-premise and in the hybrid multicloud. In this way, they are operating increasingly as the independent party that enables businesses to get the best from any cloud supplier without losing control or compromising security

It goes way beyond the mere provision of a modern, subscription IAAS platform. They have great strength around cloud-native applications, including their management and security. 

VMware Cloud on AWS

Key benefits

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Reduce integration costs between on-premise and the public cloud without having to modify or redesign applications

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Increase or decrease capacity on-demand to meet changing business needs across globally dispersed regions with automatic scaling and load balancing.



Set up a full SDDC in under two hours, scale the host capacity in just a few minutes, and utilise live application mobility between on-premise and the public cloud.

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Reduce operational complexity with a tried and trusted VMware environment and a single console for management on-premise and in the public cloud

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Utilise established on-premise enterprise security, governance and operational policies, and extend them with AWS cloud scaling and protection

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