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VMware Cloud on Azure​

Profit from existing VMware investments, skills and tools while simultaneously leveraging the power of the cloud.

About VMware Cloud on Azure

Getting started

Azure VMware Solution (AVS) is a first-party service from Microsoft that supplies the SDDC stack (Software-Defined Data Centre) from VMware as a managed service. It is sold, managed and supported by Microsoft and runs directly on the bare-metal infrastructure of Microsoft Azure Cloud. AVS is a verified VMware Cloud platform that supports vSphere, vSAN, NSX-T and more, while integrating seamlessly with the Microsoft Azure infrastructure and management tools.

Azure VMware Solution modernises your IT infrastructure by moving vSphere-based workloads seamlessly and without application changes directly to Microsoft Azure. Since the Azure VMware Solution uses the same VMware SDDC components as on-premise, you can continue to use the familiar tools and skills to provide a hybrid and scalable platform for your existing vSphere workloads. The big difference is that you can easily integrate all Azure SAAS functions without having to overcome lots of hurdles.

Why ePact

How do we set to work

As trusted VMware advisor, we assist our clients in a realistic cloud development process without ignoring the investments already made, including those in legacy systems. As a VMware Private cloud supplier using our own private vCloud, we can also supply tailored solutions for specific issues, supplemented where necessary by hyperscaler resources for burst capacity. All thanks to VMware technology that guarantees the platform independence” of the hyperscalers.

With its software defined technology, VMware offers solutions for all infrastructure issues, and thus by extension, also for all application issues. This applies both on-premise and in the hybrid multicloud. In this way, they are operating increasingly as the independent party that enables businesses to get the best from any cloud supplier without losing control or compromising security

It goes way beyond the mere provision of a modern, subscription IAAS platform. They have great strength around Cloud native applications, including their management and security. 

VMware Cloud on Azure

Key benefits

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Improve the continuity, scalability and provisioning of your VMware workloads using Azure infrastructure.

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Employ existing VMware investments, tools and skills and maintain operational consistency with technologies with which you are already familiar.

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Use Azure for Microsoft workloads and enjoy unparalleled pricing benefits for Windows Server and SQL Server.

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Modernise applications that run on VMware integrated with Azure native management, security and services.

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Save money with a managed infrastructure and scale the IT environment up or down as business requirements change.

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