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VMware NSX

Utilise micro-segmentation to provide additional security for lateral communication between the servers, using separate firewall rules.

About VMware NSX

Network and security platform

As the technology evolved, so too did the cybercriminals’ knowledge. Whereas previously it was sufficient to monitor North-South traffic and exclude unauthorised traffic from the data centre, it is now also important to focus on East-West traffic. Here, the focus is on the traffic inside the data centre, especially the networks and servers that are directly connected to one another.

VMware NSX employs microsegmentation. This is at the top of the agenda nowadays for many businesses. Additional measures are taken to secure the lateral communication, i.e. east-west traffic, between the servers by applying separate firewall rules to servers and networks. 

This smart protection is necessitated by the fact that often there are no additional barriers apart from the perimeter firewall. This allows an unauthorised person to move freely once he has access to one server.

BITSANDBI(Y)TES by ePact & VMware


Modern problems, demand modern solutions. Sophisticated malware demands intelligent detection capabilities.

In this webinar, we explain through a hands-on demo why and how VMware invested in the various Network Security solutions and the optimization of their cybersecurity approach.

Moreover, their Zero Trust approach is inherently part of the business environment, bringing all the different aspects together in one clear whole.

Why ePact

How do we set to work

For us, NSX is the final element in a realistic hybrid vision and is driven by a renewed approach to security that makes it more insightful and moves it to a higher, more intuitive level.

The VMware Virtual Network Assessment (VNA) gathers information about the current IT infrastructure and the interrelationships between VM’s and containers. All the details regarding how they communicate with each other and where they run are pinned down and everything is made portable across the different clouds and on-premise. A report is then generated that provides an overview of the security gaps (amount of East-West traffic) and, based on this, offers useful recommendations for network optimisations.

With VMware’s distributed firewall approach, traffic analysis and network inspection features, you can apply an additional array of security measures without interfering with existing servers or changing a single IP address. This involves NO risk of interruptions or long implementation projects.

For customers who subsequently decide to implement VMware NSX®, we disregard the costs associated with the assessment.

VMware NSX

Virtual Network Assessment

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Installation vRNI

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Data collection

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Presentation of findings

Network and security platform

Key benefits


Quick to implement

Continuity of business operation, during and after unforeseen events.

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Processes will recover faster after unforeseen events.​

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Enhanced security

Limit the risk of large-scale data loss by taking frequent backups.

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Stay in control

Limit the risks and the potential financial impact on the business' income.​

During this demo (1 hour), we will introduce you to the VMware platform for network virtualization and security, allowing you to create and manage virtualized network environments in your data center or cloud infrastructure.

You will have the opportunity to explore key features such as Network Virtualization, Microsegmentation, Load Balancing, Dynamic Routing, Multi-Cloud Connectivity, and Security capabilities of VMware NSX.

This demo is designed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of how VMware NSX can contribute to an optimized Network Security strategy within your company. It also enables you to ask questions and gain hands-on experience with the technology.

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