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VMware vSphere

vSphere is VMware’s outstanding software for companies wanting to switch to a modern, hybrid IT infrastructure to enable increased scalability and flexibility. The vSphere 7 update also incorporates Kubernetes ‘vSphere with Tanzu’ integration and enables enterprises to easily deploy and support container-based, modern apps on top of their current infrastructure.

VMware vSphere

Modern Hybrid Cloud

vSphere is a leading compute virtualisation platform and constitutes the next step in application modernisation. The platform was built using Native Kubernetes and allows customers to modernise 70+ million workloads that run currently on vSphere. Now modern containerised applications can easily run alongside existing enterprise applications in a uniform manner using vSphere with Tanzu.

vSphere has two components, ESXi and vCenter Server ESXi is the virtualisation platform on which the virtual machines and virtual appliances are created and run. vCenter Server is the service that manages multiple network-connected hosts and pools host resources.

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Start with Kubernetes

With vSphere, VMware has solved the challenges faced by traditional applications in heterogeneous architectures. VMware uses vSphere 7 to deliver essential services needed in today’s modern hybrid cloud. vSphere 7 with Kubernetes is the engine behind VMware Cloud Foundation Services – the VMware Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) stack that combines compute, storage and networking to simplify and centralise management. This new Kubernetes and RESTful API platform enables developers to streamline their work and IT administrators to increase their productivity using application-focused management.

Michael Franck sfeerfoto ePact
Michael Franck sfeerfoto ePact

Why ePact

How do we set to work

We see VMware vSphere as the core of all VMware solutions. For us, it’s beyond argument: if you want to establish a reliable foundation and continue using leading edge technology, you have to invest in a vSphere implementation.

Over the course of the last 15 years, we have built up extensive knowledge and expertise in these implementations. Consequently, we are able to assist our clients with all forms of consultancy. Examples of such consultancy are: implementations, design/redesign recommendations, troubleshooting, health checks and maintenance, to name a few.

The next step in the modernisation/cloud journey, as we see it, is often VMware vSAN. You can get more information about this solution here.

Modernise the IT infrastructure

Key benefits

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Developer-ready infrastructure

Integrate the interests of DevOps and IT teams to simplify cloud operations. With the help of vSphere with Tanzu, you will be able to make use of drop-in enterprise-grade Kubernetes for the existing infrastructure in the space of an hour.

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No-compromise scaling

Deliver cutting-edge, monster VMs designed for SAP HANA, Epic Operational Databases and more. Scale your vSphere infrastructure to support 50% more hosts per cluster.

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Simplify operations

Simplify lifecycle management by making maintenance, software upgrades, patching and firmware updates easier and less disruptive. Manage both on-site and off-site in a single interface.

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Boost infrastructure and data security

Integrate GPUs to deliver AI/ML infrastructure and make the protection of the hybrid cloud infrastructure easier using intrinsic security.

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