ePact is an absolute pioneer in the development from physical to virtual server environments. Convinced as we are of the added value of software-based solutions and the hybrid cloud, we at ePact offer our clients the flexibility, scalability and simplicity of virtualization.

We describe our vision as ‘Virtualization 2.0’, because complete virtualization – not only of servers, but also of networking and storage – smooths the way to the most efficient operation of your company. For this reason, ePact replaces traditional infrastructure with VM-centric software, whereby virtualization, storage and the network are managed centrally. By making smart on-premises choices, your company can grow further towards one single hybrid cloud, a data centre that is flexible, that performs well, is well-arranged and secure, and that guarantees a flourishing future.

Who is


What does ePact do?

We at ePact support clients with all software-defined issues, from analysis, advice, working out architectures and their subsequent actual implementation.

More often, it does not end here. Clients increasingly expect an end-to-end approach and thus we consolidate our long-term client relationship.

This tangibly translates into keeping solutions operational and assisting clients with managed services. That means frequent health checks and carrying out updates and providing feedback from field experience. In short, it is fully in our interests to provide a quality solution, because we are able to and want to take on the responsibility for the ownership and the proper operation of those solutions.

That is what we as a company stand for: delivering renewed quality and being able to fully support the solutions that we propose.

The world is constantly changing and the digital revolution is making its entrance. In this digital economy, it is all about knowledge, in the form of data. How can you gather knowledge quickly and efficiently and build a business model around it. Standing still is no longer an option and sooner or later, every sector will have to conform to this principle and therefore organise themselves differently. Whoever succeeds in arranging his internal operations so that he can deal more flexibly with obstacles, will win a market share with respect to competitors that do not invest or that cannot make the change quickly enough. Because here the merchandise is digital data, IT is taking up an increasingly greater share. IT as a business component, that has to deliver the digital strategy.

We place our ‘Virtualization 2.0’ vision of ePact in this context. So this is a software-defined story that enables business to act quickly, efficiently and securely. The IT interpretation of the vision can be translated into concepts such as automation, monitoring, digital workspace, SDDC, data protection, business continuity and micro-segmentation (security). Always in the knowledge that IT supports a business model that processes data.