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Dell EMC VxRail

With VxRail you can create an IT environment in which innovation is of primary importance. Whether you are modernising your data centre, deploying a hybrid cloud or implementing Cloud Native Applications.

Dell VxRail

Dell EMC VxRail

Hyperconverged infrastructure

From the beginning, VxRail has been a leader in supporting and guiding businesses towards innovative and agile IT infrastructure. It is the fastest and easiest way to get results in and around the data centre and in the cloud.The solution provides full stack integration of hardware and software, making lifecycle management easier than ever before.

What is more, it’s the only HCI solution designed by both Dell and VMware thus giving seamless integration with VMware vSAN. The solution aims to make the transition to HCI as easy as possible while making use of the available skills and knowledge.

VxRail offers an easy and budget-conscious HCI solution that enables business-critical applications, remote infrastructures and virtual desktops to be deployed in a way that is better, faster and simpler.

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VxRail is the platform par excellence for building a multicloud environment. Naturally, the platform’s strength is rooted in the VMware vSAN software, but also in the strong one-to-one collaboration and co-creation between VMware and Dell. This makes VxRail an end-to-end platform with embedded lifecycle management.

Furthermore, the entire stack can be maintained by means of a single console and a one-click upgrade process.As a result, the implementation of VxRail brings about a drastic reduction in operational maintenance costs and a huge leap forward in flexibility and scalability.

Innovation with Dell VxRail

Key benefits

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Go for innovation via a simple, agile infrastructure with seamless VMware integration. In addition, you will be making use of your familiar VMware skills & tools.

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The reduction in repetitive tasks, by using one-touch deployments and automated patching and updates, will enable the IT team to give more focus to other tasks.

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Dell and VMware supply synchronous releases and seamless upgrades to keep your infrastructure up to date and allow your business to evolve further without interruption.

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VMware integration obviates the need to invest in additional skills while its easy management with automation frees up time and resources.

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