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VMware vSAN

vSAN has all the features you might expect from a modern storage platform and is relatively easy to implement thanks to VMware’s hyperconverged vision.

About VMware vSAN

Storage virtualisation software

After VMware vSphere, we often see vSAN as being the second step in a modernisation/cloud process. The main driver for this is that customers see the advantages and convenience of virtualisation and want to extend it to the storage area.

In combination with vSphere, vSAN enables you to administer compute and storage from a single platform. This reduces the cost and complexity associated with traditional storage and makes it easier to switch to a future-oriented, hyperconverged infrastructure and hybrid cloud.

vSAN enables you to evolve towards an integrated, hyperconverged infrastructure solution(HCI) that improves business flexibility and simultaneously accelerates activities and lowers costs


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How do we set to work

vSAN has all the features you might expect from a modern storage platform and is relatively easy to implement thanks to VMware’s hyperconverged vision.It is important when choosing hosts to provide sufficient space for storing local disks (often SSDs). The vSAN software, which is embedded in the ESXi hypervisor, allows us to convert commodity server hardware into an enterprise storage solution that is faster and more flexible than a traditional set-up.

Management silos are broken down, putting high-speed, shared storage, with or without synchronous replication, within reach. This is no longer specialist work, thanks to intuitive design and easy management that provides the insight required into all storage parameters.This allows you to be more involved yourself in the design around vSAN ready nodes from different hardware suppliers.

The solution-validated approach also puts you in a good position if you want to outsource maintenance and validation as well. The self-same underlying vSAN technology is still used, but the validation is performed by the hardware supplier.

In addition to the classic vSAN technology, we can also boast a lot of expertise in VxRail set-ups from DellEMC.

Why choose vSAN for the Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Key benefits

Vulnerability assessment

Hypervisor integration

Integration of scalable, high-performance and secure infrastructure with vSphere integrated storage-virtualisation software.

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Because the servers are equipped with the latest storage technology, you enjoy an even better price/performance ratio.

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Legacy apps and Cloud Native

Manage both virtual machines (VMs) and container applications, and benefit from seamless integration with the best container orchestrators like Kubernetes.

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Private and Hybrid Cloud

Utilise HCI with the widest ecosystem anywhere: 18 OEM server vendors and native services with leading public clouds, such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

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Simplified Operations

Roll out new infrastructures and application with minimal training.

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