VMware by Broadcom update session

VMware is now a part of Broadcom. What does this mean? Where is it going? And, most importantly, do these changes impact your day-to-day business and the investments you’ve already made in VMware?

On the 23rd of February, we are hosting an update session to highlight these topics (and more). As for you, these are also challenging times for us as a VMware (by Broadcom) partner, and we recognize the importance of transparency with our customers. We aim to share all the information we’ve received and invite you to join us for this session.

We’ll end the session with a Q&A where we’ll do our best to address all of your questions. If we can’t give you an immediate answer we’ll come back to you after we’ve contacted Broadcom specialist so we can give you information that’s 100% correct.

We believe that change also brings opportunities, and we are committed to continue delivering the best services to you as our customer. We look forward to navigating these changes together.


feb 23 2024


12:00 - 13:00




VMware by Broadcom